Design of the website for Airacom


For this project was need create design of the website. I also suggested to create the personal character for the company. Read more

Design of the package for Nazira Sailer



For this project was need create design of the package for the new Mineral Vitamin line of Nazira Sailer. Read more

Illustration of the wine bottle for “Small Acres CYDER”



For this project was need to create pesonal illustration of wine bottle for “Small Acres Cyder”. I have worked on the vector graphic. Read more

Photo staging for Fashion Magazine

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My task was to come up with the idea to create a style and image of the entire photo shoot, create the compositions of each photo, select the best photos and prepare to print for a fashion magazine.
Read more

Magazine page – Spring Fashion Trends

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Design one of the pages of creative and fashion magazine. Design is primarily the character and mood of any product. Read more

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