“One day out of time…”

One day out of time...

“One day out of time…” this quick drawing wasn’t created for a wall, but I made the video to reflect my thoughts. Read more

“Mother monkey, baby & roses”.


I got the order to create the painting from my sister-in-law. This is what my sister wrote me.

“I am the year of the monkey and my baby will be the year of the monkey I was hoping you could paint a picture of a mama monkey with a baby monkey in a little Rose Garden my grandfather created these roses. I’ll take a picture and send it to you… The baby should be here in 11 weeks… I can’t wait to see the monkey with my grandfather’s roses you’re making my dreams come true. You can do it in whichever media… you are the artist and I trust you I’m so excited.”

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Creation of the Easter Egg “Way”


Everything in life is not accidental and everything happens in its own time, and always according to the readiness of the thinking mind. Read more

Creation of the “Rise”.

Oleksandra Petrovska. December 2014

A few months ago I decided to create a painting. The idea was to show tenderness, fragility and fertility of our planet. Creation was pretty spontaneous for me and based on my feelings and sensations, but it’s the result of my experience and my thoughts through the years. Read more

Magical gifts #2


This artwork was created by me as a story about the power of gifts of nature.

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At least one more day.

At least one more day

This painting has a lot of philosophical thoughts about life, human desire, fear, determination and disputes. When you contemplate of this painting you can see a lot of different images and get a lot of thoughts. In the labyrinth of thoughts everyone will see only their own fears at one time or another. Read more

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