Magical gifts


This artwork was created by me as a story about the power of gifts of nature. Read more

8 gold and 1 black Koi

8 gold and 1 black Koi

My goal was to create a symbol which will harmonize the space and help improve the person’s internal state to adjust the inner spirit to the best changes. Read more

Vow of Silence


The painting “Vow of Silence” was created by me in 2003. At that moment I realized that each form has no clear answer. I saw that the truth is the beginning of all the roads that existed or will be exist. Read more



By the end of the work on this picture, I set fire to this piece of paper to create a unique image. For me it’s very interesting since when I’m working in this manner, creates an absolutely unique form of the paper with the old scorched effect. Read more

The joining

the joing

This is a portrait of a young girl. She is my very good friend. At the time of posing the girl was in love. Her inner world was eccentric and very lovely. Her feelings were so strong that her love would be enough even for two. Read more

The puppeteer

The puppeteer

This painting was created by me in 1995 when I was 14 years old. It was a diploma painting in art school, where I studied for 4 years. This work about the moment of creation of the new doll and about master. Read more

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