Creation of the “Rise”.

Oleksandra Petrovska. December 2014

A few months ago I decided to create a painting. The idea was to show tenderness, fragility and fertility of our planet. Creation was pretty spontaneous for me and based on my feelings and sensations, but it’s the result of my experience and my thoughts through the years.

I have reasoned with myself. How often we are arguing about unimaginable ideologies and various forms of life. How often we are forgetting how powerful and at the same time how fragile our world. I would like to see that in the world the most important thing is creation and growth for the sake of life and prosperity of various manifestations of love and beauty. I think that we all still stand on the level of knowledge of being of one world and we all need to learn much more. And the most important thing is to learn to see different areas to be able to move among them balanced. Nature is surprisingly subtle, complex and diverse. The Universe is unimaginably beautiful precisely because it is full of absolutely different forms. The Universe gave human the gift of seeing this diversity and not to abuse their power. We have to learn to see holistically to be able truly enjoy the details. We must learn not to get stuck in the details. Otherwise, we only get entangled in debates. It’s the teaching to our daily lives. In those moments when we are thinking, eating, loving, walking, or when we are in the processing of creating something and even when we are sleeping. Maybe it seems a complicated process and a certain paradoxes, but it is necessary only to begin to see the whole, but believe me in the process of understanding of this, many problems will dissipate like a smoke.

For me, pomegranate is close to a symbol of humanity. It’s like red drops of life into one sphere. Everything in this world has its own stage. I hope that someday humanity will be able to live in peace with each other without borders, without swearing, without sins, without suppressing. We can find harmony and peace, if we will see that we are only a part of this one world. When we find harmony in the inside ourselves, we gain it around.

Let’s multiply life around us. Let’s care of our world. Let’s remembering that we have only one beautiful world for all of us.


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Process of Creation

“Rise”. 80X120 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Drawing on the canvas without sketching.


While working on the background.


While working on the pomegranates.


While working on the selection of the style and manner.


I decided that need to add some expressions to emphasize the moment of creation. Therefore, the water was made in a very expressive manner.


The Earth and the most of the elements are painted in the monumental style without the small details, to get imagination and integrity.


All drops of water on the bright green leaves were more carefully worked out to demonstrate the diversity of the work and add micro world. The optimal distance is always equal of the highest side multiplied by three. Therefore, the ideal distance to explore this work is 3.5 meters, and then to consider the details on closer examination.


It have been done as a self-portrait and was deliberately changing the length of the hair.


Heavenly waters fall down from top.
Cleansing the space and all of the thoughts.
How thin and diverse is our world.
How powerful mixing with ease.
Beautiful world was opened by us.
To find through the time only one true.
That’s our world and our friend,
Who waiting in silence from us just a love.
Oleksandra Petrovska