Life is full of Love.

Life is full of love

Life is full of Love. Yes, it’s true. It is easier than we can think. Love is much closer than we can imagine. Even when the clouds are gray and even when we are full of despair… we just have to say “Life is full of Love”. Love is inside. Love is inside each of us. Read more


“Transformation” Pencils on the paper. Oleksandra Petrovska. 2014

In life there comes a time when you feel the time by your whole body, which is given to you here and now. At this point you begin to see clearly the connection between all the possible times, and at the same time you keep relaxed go with the flow of life, watching the endless process of transformation. Read more



I am deeply honored to be able to participate in ArtPrize 2014! Thank you very much of the Grand Rapids Police Department for this opportunity to me!

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There is a planet…


There is a planet where are no borders and fences, where sentient beings live in harmony, happiness and love for one’s neighbor. There is a planet where every dawn illuminates every heart and gives an understanding that life is beautiful and amazing. There is a planet where everyone admires of each sunset and full of gratefulness for a beautiful day of life. There is a planet where respect, kindness and love are the main Read more