“Transformation” Pencils on the paper. Oleksandra Petrovska. 2014

In life there comes a time when you feel the time by your whole body, which is given to you here and now. At this point you begin to see clearly the connection between all the possible times, and at the same time you keep relaxed go with the flow of life, watching the endless process of transformation. Life has no beginning and no end. This is just a lot of movement moving from one form to another. Nature gives us a clue where we can draw on all the knowledge of power. Opening of the ability to clearly see and hear clearly. For the people is very important to set aside time every day to the contemplation of life itself, to feel part of a vast, infinite, the Great Spirit of Life. When we experience the fullness of life, filling all the voids of the self, it gives us the power of goodness, love, light and understanding of various principles.

“Transformation” Pencils on the paper. 2014