At least one more day.

At least one more day

This painting has a lot of philosophical thoughts about life, human desire, fear, determination and disputes. When you contemplate of this painting you can see a lot of different images and get a lot of thoughts. In the labyrinth of thoughts everyone will see only their own fears at one time or another. But in your thoughts at some point you will meet with the fear of the end of life and the end of the relationship with those who are dear to you. This is an interesting and one of the most important moment in a person’s life when you faces with your fears. If you don’t turn away from your fears, you will leave the winner for themselves. When you look into the face of fear, the fear is loses their shape and dissolves in the space like a smoke. In this painting, when the terrible images will disappear you’ll be quietly contemplate the heavens and stars. You will be there where the infinity lives. Exactly at this point you will realize that each completed moment is only a continuation of the way and it’s just one big game in the infinite illusory space.

Height: 180 cm

Width: 100 cm

Year: 2003

Materials: Mixed Media. Cardboard, ink, soft pastels, oil pastels, paint, pencil.