Vow of Silence


The painting “Vow of Silence” was created by me in 2003. At that moment I realized that each form has no clear answer. I saw that the truth is the beginning of all the roads that existed or will be exist. I realized that behind that door hidden all forms of existence. The universe gave people a great gift, the ability to go through life consciously. For the person is very important to learn how to transform destructive tendencies in to the creative process. It is so important to understand that deliberate inaction is better of unconsciously steps, since it’s leading to destructive actions.

Anyone who touches to the true can see the created image only at this point and only for a moment. After all, life is like a multifaceted kaleidoscope, which opens each time a new image and a new door which will be show a new action. And every viewer will see this action on its own way. For the person is very important to be honest with himself and others, and to give an opportunity to live and develop. Life is a continual action of various of events and each of us is the creator and the viewer in a one person.

In the painting “Vow of Silence” shows two guards who keep the essence. The essence of all life which is hidden in the egg. This egg lies on the two tongues which are intertwined to each other and if they dissolve their tongues, so in that moment the essence will disappear at all.


Detail of the painting “Vow of Silence”


Detail of the painting “Vow of Silence”


Solo Exhibition. Meduza Gallery. 2004


Preparing for solo exhibition. 2005


Solo Exhibition. Bamboo Gallery. 2005