“Mother monkey, baby & roses”.


I got the order to create the painting from my sister-in-law. This is what my sister wrote me.

“I am the year of the monkey and my baby will be the year of the monkey I was hoping you could paint a picture of a mama monkey with a baby monkey in a little Rose Garden my grandfather created these roses. I’ll take a picture and send it to you… The baby should be here in 11 weeks… I can’t wait to see the monkey with my grandfather’s roses you’re making my dreams come true. You can do it in whichever media… you are the artist and I trust you I’m so excited.”

I tried to add the fresh breath to the idea of this painting, to capture the poignancy of the moment mother with child and connection with a Rose Garden. As we can see that there are already opened Roses, but also there is a bud of rose as a element of new life. I tried to add some emotions to show the special moment of the touch mother and baby.

I took some videos to demonstrate the process of the creation, if you’re interested.

My sister lives in the United States and I’ll send the painting to her without frame. I hope she will find a beautiful frame for the painting and send me the photos, and I’ll show it to you too.

Process of Creation

“Mother monkey, baby & roses”. 50X70 cm. Watercolor on the paper.




The Painting “Mother monkey, baby & roses”.