Concert Autumn Waltz

Concert Frederic Chopin

Design of the tickets and cover for the Concert Autumn Waltz. I created the portrait of Frederic Chopin by watercolor and ink on the paper.

And after that I was done all design works in Photoshop. I chose an art style for this project that resembles something with vintage, Art nouveau and romantic styles. I wanted to display the spirit of a music composer and his music.

I like working on projects and creating personalized graphics that perfectly convey the main idea of the project and become an unique style and image.

Concert Frederic Chopin-2

Concert Frederic Chopin-3

Concert Frederic Chopin-4

Concert Frederic Chopin-5

Concert Frederic Chopin-6

Concert Frederic Chopin-7

Concert Frederic Chopin-8

Art Prints of this illustration are available to purchase by this link: