Magazine page – Spring Fashion Trends

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Design one of the pages of creative and fashion magazine. Design is primarily the character and mood of any product. Designers are always very interested oformt design with a small amount of text, as around a lot of space and can add a lot of details. For this page magazine editor wrote the introductory prologue to a new style and a new fashion season. My design was impregnated with this little story and dedicated course the spring issue of the magazine. In that season were fashionable Japanese and Chinese motifs, floral abundance of exquisite paintings and embroidery on fabric, so I used a lot of the eastern parts, and of course how can we not add to the design, the entire beloved cherry. For readers it is always a very exciting process, because it’s nice for a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe or at home with the pleasure to read the interesting lines and enjoy the variety of details in the design.